Polyurea Spray Machine

  • Polyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6T
  • Polyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6T
  • Polyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6T
Polyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6TPolyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6TPolyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6T

Polyurea Spray Machine Hishte-V6T

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name: Hishte
  • Key Selling Points: Easy to Operate
  • Model : Hishte-V6T
  • Product description:

Hydraulic Polyurea Spray Machine

Model no is Hishte-V6T

This machine can be widely used in a variety of construction environments, a variety of two-component materials application polyurea elastomer polyurethane fully water foaming polyurethane material application industry : Building waterproof, anti-corrosion, toy landscape, stadium water parkrailway automobile, ship, mining, oil, electrical, food and other industries.



This kind of machine can be used in many areas and spray a lot of double component materials, such as spray a variety of two-component materials: polyurea elastomer, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam and polyurea,polyurethane adhesive and sealants.

The advantages of this kind of machine:
1. It’s very convenient to moving more suitable for factory and construction contractor.
2. It provides the maxim function for the working.
3. It has the special FGPQ spray gun, simple operation, spray a better effect.



Main equipment: 1 set
Spray gun: 1 piece
Heating pipe: 15 m (50ft)
3m pipe connecting to the gun: 1 set
Feeding pump: 2 sets
Spare parts :1 set
Tools :1 set
Package: plywood tray



Power source: 3-phase 3-wires, 380V, 50Hz

Total power : 26KW

Heating power: 22KW
Transformer power : 3.5KW

Driven way: hydraulic driven

Unilateral pressure : 36MPa

Ratio of raw materials: 1:1 

Output of raw materials: 2~10kg/ min
Max. length (optional): 105M

Heating temperature range: 0℃~90℃(32°F~194°F)



Dimension: 1000mm*1000mm*1550mm
Weight: 260Kg



Contact: Hishte

Phone: 8618301504519

Tel: 8618301504519

Email: emily@hishte.com

Add: Dongli District Tianjin City in China