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  • Hishte-2.2p square bale picking up baler
Hishte-2.2p square bale picking up baler

Hishte-2.2p square bale picking up baler

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name: Hishte
  • Key Selling Points: Easy to Operate
  • Model : Hishte-2.2p
  • Product description:

Hishte-2.2p three-rope square bale picking up baler

Product characteristics:

1. The picking up efficiency is increased by more than 50% compared with the traditional small bale.

2. The density is controlled by hydraulic mechanism and is increased by 30%-50% compared with the traditional small bale.

3. Two-stage transmission shaft, with smaller turning radius and stronger adaptability of land surface

4. Twisted down-rotating feeding, ensuring the forced feeding effect

5. Double spring-tine rods of higher feeding efficiency.

6. Torque clutch drive protection of higher reliability and safety of picking up and feeding.

7. Hydraulic lifting pickup, simple and convenient to operate.

8. Double crank knotter with higher bale rate. 9. 16A and 12A main and auxiliary chains, stirring fork bushing with maintenance-free bearing. 10. Heavy-duty gearbox matched with large diameter and heavy weight flywheel ensuring higher feeding effect and bale density. 11. Heavy-duty piston and main frame ensuring higher stability and reliability of the whole machine.

Main technical parameters:

Number of knotters: 2

Section size of compression chamber (width × height): 555mm × 360mm

Pickup width: 2200mm

Matching power range: ≥ 50kw


Contact: Hishte

Phone: 8618301504519

Tel: 18301504519


Add: Dongli District Tianjin City in China