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  • Hishte-2.2 B Model Round Straw Bale
Hishte-2.2 B Model Round Straw Bale

Hishte-2.2 B Model Round Straw Bale

  • Place of Origin: Tianjin, China
  • Brand Name: Hishte
  • Key Selling Points: Easy to Operate
  • Model : Hishte-2.2 B
  • Product description:

Hishte-2.2 B Model Round Straw Bale

Hishte-2.2 B round straw bale is suitable for harvesting natural and cultivated pasture, as well as field rice, wheat and other crop straws, and it also can be used for cutting silage or long-straw crops before bundling, which has stable and reliable performance.

Product characteristics:

Higher intelligence: intelligent control system is adopted to reduce manual operation, convenient for users to use, and it has fault diagnosis and alarm functions. The optional GPS module can monitor the operation of the round bale in real time.

Increased density: the hydraulic system is further optimized to enlarge the force arm of oil cylinder, and coordinating with the rolling and pressing of the small roller, the bale density is increased.

Large amount of feed: new continuous forced feeding system has the advantages of large amount of feed and blockage-proof function, and can effectively improve the feeding demand of different crops.

Main technical parameters:

Working width:2235 mm

Lifting mode:Hydraulic

Structure type:Screw conveyor feeding mechanism

Drive mode:Chain drive

Type of bundling mechanism for compression chamber: drum

Width of compression chamber: 1400mm

Diameter of compression chamber: 1200mm

Number of rolling working parts: 18

Roller diameter: 222mm

Rolling method: winding net

Matching power range: ≥ 75kw


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Add: Dongli District Tianjin City in China